Banking vs Tech: the importance of diversity in technology by Renee Whitford

The most successful businesses appeal to a wide range of people because they have diverse teams which understand what customers want and need, according to two senior technology and banking executives.

In the final of a three-part series on banking and technology, Microsoft Australia MD Pip Marlow and ANZ MD Retail Distribution Australia Catriona Noble said the companies willing to walk a mile in customer shoes are the ones which come out on top.

“It’s a lot easier to [appeal to more customers] when you’ve got a diverse group that have had a lot of those diverse experiences,” Noble said on video. “It’s then very intuitive.”

Marlow said it is vital for businesses to mirror the market they serve, saying diversity is “…at the core of everything.”

Using the example of early airbags failing for women and children because they were designed exclusively by men, Marlow said staff with different backgrounds offer valuable different thinking styles.


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