Good for People of Color in Tech: Highlighting Safe Spaces for Minorities in Technology

The lack of diversity in the technology industry is nothing new. For years now, technology companies have been releasing diversity statistics to acknowledge the problem, and promising to improve diversity. As it stands, very little has been shown for these alleged efforts.

As much as people talk about the negatives of the technology industry, believe it or not, there is some good. With a launch event happening in New York City on June 7th, Good for People of Color in Tech aims to connect people of color with tech companies that are relatively safe spaces for minorities in the technology industry. As the cofounders have stated, the goal “is to arm people of color with as much information as possible so that they can make a fully informed decision when deciding to work with a company in tech.”

Back in March 2016, cofounders Amélie Lamont, Catt Small, and Jacky Alciné published a survey asking people of color to share their experiences at tech companies. The survey asks about happiness, inclusivity, diversity, and more, and has received over 50 responses. The data their team has collected is to be released this month, and next week’s launch event, held at Microsoft NY, will celebrate the publishing of this data. The event will also include a Q&A panel featuring speakers talking about their experiences as people of color in tech.

When asked why their work is important, the cofounders said “because if something like this existed when we were looking for jobs in tech, we, and many people of color, would not have horror stories about our experiences in tech to share. For some of us, those negative experiences are what brought us together, but they shouldn’t be the norm.”

The Good for People of Color in Tech survey, asking for your experiences as a person of color in tech, is still open.


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