RaceIQ Zips to the Finish Line as the Grand Prize Winner of the TAG Biz Launch Competition

RaceIQ Zips to the Finish Line as the Grand Prize Winner of the TAG Biz Launch Competition

It wasn’t just any regular Tuesday night the day of May 3rd, 2016, it was the Tuesday night that catapulted everything for RaceIQ as TAG proudly announces us as the grand prize winner of the 11th annual BizLaunch Competition! 14 other startups gave phenomenal presentations, but RaceIQ takes the cake by standing out as a new startup tackling the challenge of cyber criminals attacking consumer vehicles.

“We congratulate RaceIQ Engineering and all of the companies who participated in this year’s extremely strong competition,” stated TAG President and CEO Tino Mantella. “We look forward to the growth and continued success of these companies and we thank all of our sponsors and volunteers who have made the Biz Launch Competition possible.”

Allyson Eman, Executive Director, Venture Atlanta reflected, “The Business Launch is an important competition for Georgia’s early stage companies and our technology community. Venture Atlanta was proud to partner once again with TAG and the Metro Atlanta Chamber and is pleased to have an excellent company like RaceIQ Engineering on stage at Venture Atlanta November 2-3.” As promised, the grand prize was a whopping $50,000 towards their venture as well as $350,000 worth of professional services that the other 3 finalists will get to utilize to their advantage.

Congratulations to the other Biz Launch ’16 finalists:

DecisionIQ- a data analytics company focusing on the Internet of Things

Fittery, an e-commerce company providing custom-made men’s clothes;

FraudScope, which targets healthcare-related fraud claims.

Founder James T. Jones was overwhelmed by joy and relief as he interviewed with Hypepotamus and Atlanta Tech Edge after taking the obligatory photos holding an over-sized $50,000 check. Jones expresses, “We’ve worked really hard over the past 12 months in this space to get to the point where we could have this kind of impact in the community” (Source).

In 2015, Jones made the decision to take on the challenge of cyber security after hosting a forum in Silicon Valley with the top automakers where we discussed some of the most current and upcoming challenges in our industry. RaceIQ is extremely honored to be this year’s BizLaunch winner and we want to thank all of the sponsors who helped make this possible.

2016 sponsors for the event include:

Noble Systems, UnoSquare, CEO Ventures, Mosely Ventures, Noro-Mosley Partners, Southeast Investor Group, and TechOperators. Media Coverage by 11 Alive, Atlanta Tech Edge, Hub Magazine and Hypepotamus.

For more information visit: http://www.tagonline.org/events/businesslaunch.


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