CJ Peters talks new mobile game Black Spades and diversity in tech and gaming By A.R. Shaw

CJ Peters talks new mobile game Black Spades and diversity in tech and gaming By A.R. Shaw

CJ Peters and Konsole Kingz, LLC has stood as one of the leading companies in tech and gaming for over a decade. On Aug. 23, the urban gaming and lifestyle company will introduce the groundbreaking game, Black Spades.

The game is available on iOS devices (iPhone 5 and higher/iPad 3.0 and higher) and Android devices. Features include “Blind Six/Seven” bidding, Card Hierarchy, Social Networking Sharing, and Reneg Penalty.

Rolling out recently spoke with Peters about Black Spades and the need for diversity in the tech space.

When did the creation of the Black Spades mobile game begin?

Five years ago, Konsole Kingz released the Kandi Koated Spades game, that game faded out and we stopped supporting it. I noticed a year later, I started getting emails from people trying to still play the game. I had to go back and go into my Apple iTunes and I realized people were still downloading the game. Because there’s really no other polished game for iPhone to play Spades from the Black perspective. I was still getting emails and I looked at the stats. And for a game that was not being promoted and not being supported, it still had pretty good stats. So I was thinking if I make another one, I need to really do my research and bring it up to standards and see how it can thrive, how it would be financially beneficial. So I decided to make a new game.

What are some of the advancements that are in this game?

In this game, it’s more detailed. The other game, a lot of people played in practice mode. We had a practice mode to hold people over who couldn’t get online. It was like a dumb down version of a single player. In Black Spades the first release is a single player experience, it’s a true single player game. It has all the rules in that we had in the other game and more. We made full single player experience based us seeing everyone play single player in Black Spades. We reintroduced the practice mode, it was really like serious but in this one we incorporated a timer, so you have to kind of be on your toes with your bidding and when you’re playing.

You guys have been in the tech space for over a decade. Have you seen more diversity in the tech space in the past decade?

As a whole, the tech space numbers are rising slowly. I have been in the tech space in media too. I introduced myself as a media entity first. As far as gaming goes, it’s like a double thing from my side. From my viewpoint, its been a slow rise for Black media covering tech and gaming. Then its been a slow rise for Black people in tech building stuff. I think the real future is coding and a language that everyone needs to know. You need to know some sort of language to relate to people who are building stuff. It does start with more education for the young people coming up. They need to be introduced to it early. I’m introducing algorithmic thinking to my kids right now. Yes, getting a job is great, yes building an app is great, but we have to own what we build. We need to go get those skills, polish them up, and getting with other people and collaborating to put something out that is owned by Black people. I’m a publisher and there are not many Black mobile game publishers.

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