The Mountain View, CA based tech giant Google Inc. has recently announced that the efforts to increase the diversity in the world of technology know a success. Related to the hires of last years in the field of tech, Google Inc. has reported that 21 per cent of the people who started working in the tech area in 2014 were women. And this is a proof that our society is moving, as gender diversity increased in tech field does not only affect a specific domain, but an entire civilization, regarding its morals and views toward women.

The Silicon Valley tech giant Google Inc. has recently provided a report in connection to the gender diversity in the field of technology. According to Google Inc., it looks like more women are being hired as tech experts or tech workers by either start ups or big names in the field. 21 per cent of the 2014 hires in tech is represented by women, which is 1 per cent up, when compared to the numbers of 2013. So, even if 1 per cent might not mean much, Google Inc. has been happy to announce the fact that the acceptance of women in fields which were previously thought as `only men allowed areas`, like technology, known an ascending path that keeps going up.

Even Google Inc. has started to retake into consideration the workforce that they have at their globally spread locations. The Mountain View, CA based giant has admitted that, in most of the cases, they were hiring men as workers in their tech arms. But this is going to change, according to Google Inc.

Even if the growth in the rate of women hired in technology has great benefits for the Western society and for the proper functioning of the gender equality, it could also lead to a wrong judgement when it comes to hiring new people. Many voices have claimed that this could lead to a period of discrimination against men, as the employees might be driven to a point where they would rather accept a woman when she is confronted by a man rival, out of fear of not being accused by discrimination against women.

It is not only the women who are effected by the lack of inclusiveness. Blacks and Hispanics are also in this situation. However, thing are looking good when it comes to them as well. Google has reported that the hires of Black and Hispanic people in the field of tech has also grown in 2014, but they only represent 2 per cent and respectively 3 per cent of the tech workforce.


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