Tristan Walker: Don’t Overthink Your World-Changing Idea

Tristan Walker: Don’t Overthink Your World-Changing Idea

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Walker & Co. Founder and CEO, Tristan Walker didn’t always see himself trying to build a health and beauty products company. In fact, he tried to cure childhood obesity, start a bank, and build a freight truck fixing company first, which were very big, very complicated ventures he knew little about – before he created Bevel, that directly related to a familiar problem. However, when it came time for investments, he received more “no’s” than he thought possible, but managed to push himself even harder. “I knew it wasn’t a bad idea because I felt no one could work this thing better than we could,” Walker says.

In this interview, Walker takes us through the journey of starting his company, shares how he overcame his toughest trials, and why hiring the same kind of people may even be a good thing.

About Tristan Walker

Walker is Founder and CEO of Walker & Co. Brands, a company that makes health and beauty simple for people of color. Its flagship brand, Bevel, is the first and only shaving system clinically proven to reduce and prevent razor bumps and irritation. Tristan is also the Founder and Chairman of CODE2040, a program that matches high performing black and latino undergraduate and graduate coders and software engineering students with Silicon Valley start-ups for summer internships


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